Several important events have shaped the Culambia into the place it is today in the year 1397 CE

100 to 1 BCE
Overthrowing the Elvish Yoke

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The dwarves, orcs and humans of Culambia united to overthrow the elves and eject them from the continent. The end of this struggle demarcates the change from the period of elven dominion (before the Culambian Era, BCE) to the period of Culambian independence (the Culambian Era, CE).

900-1000 CE
Return of the Elves

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The sea faring elves living on the shores of the Shand’o Sea colonize the sparsely populated coastal areas of southern Culambia.

1200-1210 CE
The sundering of the Dwarves.

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Cultural upheaval among the mountain dwarves led to civil war and an irrevocable schism. The rebels left the mountains and became the hill dwarves of today.

1350-1390 CE
The Orcs Become Part of Solutria

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The Solutrians took advantage of an orcish people weakened by years of war with the dwarves. Co-opting their cultural traditions, a Solutrian general became the orcish warchief and brought them into the empire.


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