Culambia is dominated by four major political entities.

Dammhut, Mountain Home in the language of the dwarves, is the sparsely populated realm of the Mountain Dwarves. They are led by the Mountain King from his capital at Bronzeguard.

Markhut, Home in the Hills is the Republic of the Hill Dwarves. The capital of Stonehearth houses the Council of Hammers and Plows, the ruling body of the Hill Dwarves. Korban Earthmover is the current chair of the Council.

The Solutrian Empire is a multi-ethnic empire made up of orcs, halflings, and the two major groups of humans, Riparians and Velder. Although the Riparians have traditionally been the highest status social group, the current emperor is a Velder named Hammut Orcslayer. Politics in Solutria is quite volatile, as emperors are typically proclaimed by the winning army after a civil war.

Shand’o Thelas is the kingdom of the sea elves. Centered around the Shand’o Sea and containing much of the coastal area of the southern continent, Shand’o Thelas is a wealthy kingdom based on commerce. The merchant-princes of Shand’o Thelas rule with a light touch from their capital at Seahaven, and most of the settlements of the kingdom are more or less self-governed by important local traders.

Other than elves of Shand’o Thelas, little is known of the elven realms on the continent of Shand’o. The ancient urban civilization of the high elves ekes out a living in the deserts of the north, while the fierce wood elves of Jataan prohibit any outsiders from entering their domain.


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